Newton Cradle Balancing Ball

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Newtons Cradle 5 Pendulum Balls Steel Balance Balls Science Educational Toys for Home Office Desk Decorative Ornament Gift

High Quality: 

1. The Newton's Cradle is composed of a metal ball, a plastic bracket, and a plastic base. Use of nylon line - good material instead of cheap fishing line. With a unique assembly design, Newton's Cradle is more stable and durable.

2. Longer Swing Time: Due to the resistance and friction of the air, Newton's cradle balance ball will continue to move for 10-20 seconds. You have enough time to observe the physical performance of the Newton Cradle Balance Balls movement.

3. Wide Application: Suitable for children to learn and understand Newton's laws of motion while playing this interesting gadget. Meanwhile, it is also an excellent desktop toy for the office, a good tool to relax your mind when you feel tired at work. It is a perfect decoration, whether at the office or home.

4. Assembly Note: Firstly, gently open the package. Secondly, gently take out each component. Thirdly, align and install. Please be patient and careful during installation, as excessive force may cause entanglement!

5. Great Gift: Suitable for adults and children, a good toy for learning science, passing boring time, and releasing stress. There is no doubt that this is a good gift for birthdays and holidays. Easy to install, funny, and educational.

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