How it works - An introduction to

How it works - An introduction to

- The Marketplace

  1. Find items quickly
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  3. Cart & Checkout is an online multi-vendor marketplace for Guyana, where individuals, businesses and organizations can list their products for sale regardless of their physical location and reach out to customers across the Internet anywhere in Guyana, (and soon, the world). Our fully integrated platform combines product listing, marketing, payment and logistics solutions into a secure, robust and easy to use experience for both the vendor and customer. You can be a part of the larger marketplace or maintain your own identity with a custom address that brings customers directly to your own online store.


Getting started is easy. Once registered, simply create or upload your product listings (or choose from the thousands of product listings already created), specify your inventory levels and pricing and you’re ready to sell. Our marketplace will bring the customers to you. Once a sale is successful, order details are routed to the responsible parties for processing. Payments are automatically credited to your account to await the next weekly payout cycle, receipt details are sent to the customer along with package tracking details if applicable, logistics information is sent to the courier for pickup and delivery and picking details are sent to the vendor’s physical location where the goods are stored for dispatch. All of this happens with no intervention from you.


Our integration with international payment processors now grants vendors easy access to receiving payments online securely and efficiently, bypassing the traditional barriers that have frustrated businesses in Guyana for so long. Through our online marketplace, you can now accept payments via Credit or Debit Card (Visa, Master Card, American Express or Discover), Apple Pay, Google Pay or PayPal. We have also integrated delivery into the process to make getting the product from vendor to customer a hassle-free process. Our platform allows you to control as much, or as little, of the automation of the workflow as you’d like.


If you’re ready to make the jump into the future of business in Guyana, give us a call, e-mail us or visit us online at today. You can start for FREE. Just register and start selling… It’s that easy.


HOW DOES IT WORK?’s primary focus is to develop e-commerce in Guyana and give Guyanese businesses a conduit through which they can expand their business both locally and internationally. How do we do this? We approach each element of a business transaction with a solution aimed at allowing both the customer and vendor to be more efficient. 


Product Listing

                Our platform presents products in a clear and visually compelling way to allow the customer to make an informed decision when purchasing. Removing doubt and ambiguity can often take a customer from evaluating a purchase to completing one because they no longer need to divert their attention from the buying process to gather additional information about the product they’re viewing. We allow the vendor to present product descriptions, images, videos, pricing, variants, options (such as gift wrapping, personalization, etc) and the customer also has access to user generated content like reviews and ratings to help with their choice of product. Vendors can even attach supplemental information like technical specifications, user guides and product manuals to reduce their need to provide that information to the customer directly.


Shopping Experience

                A customer navigates our marketplace as they would a mall, browsing products from different vendors in one simplified shopping experience. They add their desired items to a cart for immediate purchase or can use our Wish List to keep a list of items for future purchase. We even have a Gift Registry for customers to create customized gift lists for special events like weddings and showers. Much like on other popular e-commerce sites, the customer completes their shopping in a single secure, convenient checkout process that is the same whether they shop from one vendor or one hundred. We support Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover credit and debit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay and Google Pay and will soon add support for MMG’s local mobile payment system.



                The culmination of a successful e-commerce transaction is the safe and efficient delivery of the customer’s order. We present the customer with different ways to receive their goods:

-          In-Store Pickup 

(Useful to reserve items that may be limited in quantity or to have someone else pick up an order on the customer’s behalf)

-          Delivery managed by 

(Standard and Express options available)

-          Delivery managed by Vendor 

(For large items or items requiring special handling or assembly, or if the vendor includes delivery in the price of the goods.)

Our marketplace integrates order tracking and delivery management so both vendors and customers can be kept informed every step of the way.


Customer Support

                As competition increases and customers have increased choice, quite often the determining factor for a purchase is the quality of the vendor’s customer support. Our marketplace provides vendors with built-in communication tools to clarify both pre-sale and post-sale concerns from customers. Answering a question in a timely manner often secures a sale as the customer is still in the “impulse purchase window” and only has a minor query about product, price or delivery options.


Vendor Payment

                Every vendor needs to ensure that in using a marketplace, they are guaranteed efficient access to their revenue to maintain efficient cash flow. We maintain a weekly reimbursement cycle and a fully electronic payment system so vendors can access their finances in a timely manner. Simply provide us with the information for your deposit account of choice and we will automatically transfer any revenue you generate, less commission owed. Please note that commission is calculated on gross VAT exclusive amount and the full VAT will be transferred to the vendors.






·         Included with each tier is a FREE point of sale software for you to use in your business. Automatically sync offline and online sales, prices and inventory. The software, like the marketplace, is a fully online solution so all you need is a computer with an Internet connection and you can be up and running in minutes.



·         Invoices contain information for vendor, customer and order… We’re a transparent middle layer… so you can use the same invoices for tax and accounting purposes, with just a single monthly deduction for fees



·         Variations of products are readily available from drop down menus so customers can more easily find colors / flavours / scents that they may not know about but would be willing to try

·         Product profiles can be made common across vendors so vendors don’t have to duplicate efforts… If your products are sold in a supermarket and that supermarket becomes a vendor, they just use your product profile, add their own price and stock and they’re ready to sell. This keeps the shopper’s experience uniform across the marketplace.



·         Potential for analytics data on customer buying habits and trends. Data we collect will be shared with vendors to improve their product listings, layouts and stores.



·         Vendors can manage stock at multiple locations so it’s easier to dispense orders from locations that are closer to the customer’s requested delivery location.

·         Customers can choose from which vendor they wish to make a purchase… the website lists the sellers of a particular item, the stock status and price for comparison. This allows the customer to support businesses they may prefer or buy from closer to their delivery location to reduce delivery fees.



·         Vendors have access to their own Micro-Store which is a custom URL where customers can view only your products. You can include this link on your business cards, social media, etc. and send customers directly to your products. (e.g. )

·         Marketing of our vendors alongside our own web presence so you grow as we grow

·         Track order history for customer follow up orders and promotions (or recalls)

·         Support for promotions, sales, gift registries, product bundles and gift certificates